Quick Case Count Update

You’re getting two for one entries today. And news that it’s recommended all people wear masks. Shocking. Not really. Colorado COVID19 Case Load: 4,173 cases, 823 hospitalized, 53 counties, 22,071 people tested, 111 deaths, 27 outbreaks at residential and non-hospital health care facilities. Denver 716, 14 deaths Arapahoe 500, 10 deaths Jefferson 440, 13 deathsContinue reading “Quick Case Count Update”

Mask Maker

Finally! My random sewing skills can be put to use. I’ve been on a mask making spree. Some are with elastic, some are made with binding and some have wire nose pieces to keep the mask from fogging up your face. The White House is expected to urge Americans to wear face covering in public. Continue reading “Mask Maker”

Colorado Case Summary

I ate too much cake and sweet things yesterday and am paying for it today. I feel inflamed from all of the sugar and my face is puffy and attitude a little shitty – but things should be better by tomorrow. Phew! 3,342 Cases, 620 hospitalized, 50 counties, 18,645 people tested, 80 deaths, 17 outbreaksContinue reading “Colorado Case Summary”

Quick Update

Had a super amazing birthday today. Did a sprint workout with some athletes this early morning, baked a cake, went on a long hike, ate dinner from our favorite restaurant in Boulder and am about to hit the couch. That’s my kind of birthday! Back to the count…. 2,966 cases, 509 hospitalized, 50 counties, 16,849Continue reading “Quick Update”

Quarantine Birthdays

Kindness comes in many forms. I ordered some flour from our local bakery (Moxie Bread Co in Louisville, CO) and mentioned I was making a cake for my birthday (3/31). When I picked up the order today, they gifted me a chopping board and a free pastry. How thoughtful! On my ride home, I sawContinue reading “Quarantine Birthdays”

Counting COVID in Colorado

Sadly, Boulder saw its first death today. Numbers went up significantly compared to the steady incline we’ve seen the past couple of days. Denver is the hardest hit, yet other counties have a higher death rate. I find that checking these numbers each night keeps me in check and not getting lazy or slack offContinue reading “Counting COVID in Colorado”

And the Numbers Keep Doubling…

I got a message from a client who is a nurse in Texas. Last week things were unusually quiet and they were anticipating the storm. She said today that their hospital was flooded with Covid-19 patients and her coworkers are now on the front lines to treat patients. She’s scared not only for herself butContinue reading “And the Numbers Keep Doubling…”

Colorado COVID-19 Cases

And the numbers nearly doubled today, March 26, 2020. 1,430 cases, 184 hospitalized, 39 counties, 10,122 people tested, 24 deaths and 9 outbreaks at residential and non-hospital health car facilities. Denver 262 Eagle 147 El Paso 137 Jefferson 131 Arapahoe 119 Weld 107 Unknown 96 Douglas 67 Boulder 66 Larimer 61 Gunnison 57 Adams 50Continue reading “Colorado COVID-19 Cases”