Sometimes you need to mix it up…

A few things I’ve realized in the past couple of months: I love racing and I love coaching other people to perform at their best.

So what if I combine the two? BINGO!

Hello Sweet Spot!

Introducing a new twist on Sharp Coaching  – focused on competitive cycling. I’ve learned a lot over the past 10 years of racing and am ready to share it with the world. From what to pack in your race bag, recovery techniques, training plans, tapering, weight training, nutrition to race tactics. Want to toe to the line knowing you’re prepared and ready to give the win your best effort? Want to know you’re getting the same coaching as Olympic caliber racers?

Thought so.

So in an effort to improve the level of competition and create a safe and fun racing environment, I’m focusing on coaching.

Expect to see more posts soon exploring lessons from pedaling really, really