Coping with Coronavirus Realities

Written by Jennifer Sharp

Everyday life is evolving into something different. For some this creates anger, others anxiety and yet others creativity and opportunity. It’s interesting to see how varied people’s reactions are to this change. My experience with death and grief in 2008 provided a new perspective and an understanding that everyone processes things differently. Hopefully you can witness as others cope differently and do so without  judgement, or labeling, shame or blaming and instead practice a little more compassion toward our fellow humans.

This is kind of stressful!

Part of my coping strategy is to take my strength and apply it to helping others. Being an ear to listen, reassuring a panicked neighbor, friend or family member, focusing on the basics of empathy and focusing on what we can do vs. what we can’t. Inspiring others to be their best selves in the face of adversity.

Because even as an optimist – I sense things are going to continue to change. We’re facing more school closures, canceled events, rising infection numbers and more.  Do you want to be left clinging onto the way things were or accepting the new realities we face and embracing them in order to survive?

As a strong pitta type (take a quiz to find out what your dosha is here), dealing with the coronavirus outbreak and the potential threat of being on self-or state/government regulated lockdown made me immediately start creating lists: shopping lists, things to do during social distancing, books to read, people to reach out to, writing and blogging, etc. The world needs more pitta’s right now to plan for the future. One’s that take the 30,000 foot view and figure out how to problem solve and make the most of the world around us. Actually, the world needs all of us right now. The Vitas, Pittas and Kaphas all play a part in balancing one another out.

If you’re feeling hopeless and want to contribute in some way to the happiness and well being of others, see what you can do virtually to connect with others. All of us are  craving connection and feeling listened to right now as we voice our fears, anger, denial, bargaining, acceptance and hope.

Yes, life as we know it is different. So rather than dwell on what you can’t do and now have to work around – let’s focus on what we can do as we navigate these unchartered territories.

PS – Here’s my first stab at doing something to help others…. only a pitta would come up with a home cook solution to how to make delicious meals at home using a few staples. (Find my list here.)

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I am a Boulder, Colorado based cycling coach that focuses on the whole athlete and the balance needed in order to perform at your best.

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