Constructive Media Plea

Do you ever wake up early in the morning, thinking about all of the amazing, thought provoking things that you want to share with the world only to fall back to sleep and then POOF! They’re gone?

Me neither!

Ha! I tease.

I thought of some responses to what we’re dealing with right now. Some ways to mitigate the pain, loss and suffering. Some ways to combat the grief we all feel for having to change our habits in countless ways… and yep, they’re gone.

I do have a proposal though. Or rather, it’s a challenge for the media at large. Instead of focusing on the statistics, and theories and instilling fear and hysteria in the public at large, what if you focused on the positive. What if you started thanking communities who are adhering to the new social distancing recommendations? What if you shared actual stories about people who are dealing with the realities of what’s going on right now? What if you made this pandemic more human? What if you figured out the silver lining in what’s going on in the world around us to instill a culture of hope and resiliency?

Something I’m reading right now: “Deadliest Enemies.” It’s so thought provoking and informative about pandemic diseases.

Published by jensharp13

I am a Boulder, Colorado based cycling coach that focuses on the whole athlete and the balance needed in order to perform at your best.

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