Just Riding Along

I went for a ride outside today, alone. I had a couple of essentials to pick up: some 1/4″ elastic from a neighbor, drop off a package at USPS, stop by the vet to pick up some antibiotics for Moonli and lastly, a stop at JoAnn Fabric’s for some home made masks I’m making for health care providers.

At the top of the hill near my house on a two lane road with no shoulder, a dually pick up truck had stopped, blocking traffic on the opposite side of the road. As I came upon him, he rolled his window down and blatantly flipped me off, not making eye contact and smirking to the passenger next to him.

His message was received loud and clear – though I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was riding alone. I was in my neighborhood. And yet he felt compelled to let me know that I should shove it.

The ironic thing is that I was headed to get supplies to make masks for health care workers and help.

Our country is still very much broken. Since some parts of the country, even within our state have shutter in place rules and others don’t, it sends a mixed message to everyone of what’s okay and what isn’t. I read a professional cyclist in Belgium was assaulted by a man in a van when he rode by and then was beat up.

Sure we all have a range of emotions when processing our ever changing world right now. And some feel more anger and aggression than others, and can take that out on others. Be safe, friends. I’m beginning to fear for my fellow Americans more than the virus itself.

Published by jensharp13

I am a Boulder, Colorado based cycling coach that focuses on the whole athlete and the balance needed in order to perform at your best.

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