Full Body Cycling

Sorry for the crickets in the blog department. Since November, we’ve been working on some things behind the scenes and are getting to roll out some exciting new changes at Sharp Coaching!

On a personal note, my lower back flared up multiple times since last October. I visited the chiropractor several times, saw two spine specialists (both who provided different prognosis but similar fixes), a physical therapist (hello dry needling!), a massage therapist, and my beloved pilates instructor Whitney Shea. I rotated through ice and heat, SI joint belts and reset motions, yoga moves, myofascia release techniques, core stabilizers and more. All the while teaching a regular weekly yoga class and bringing my discoveries to the group classes. When you throw the book at something, it’s hard to say what the tipping point was but I think I’m finally on the path of recovery. And I know what doesn’t work too! 🙂

Encountering an injury as an athlete is inevitable. It may be acute (broken collarbone, achilles overuse, fractured bones), or maybe it’s long lasting and chronic (lower back pain, knee issues, neck pain, etc). Let’s be clear: due to the repetitive, quad dominant motion of cycling, you’re likely going to develop some imbalances. Knee pain, lower back flare ups, poor posture, just to name a few.

We cycle because love it. It’s a low impact life-long sport – something you can start shortly after you learn to walk and continue to do well into your senior years. But not if you start to feel pain when riding. If you only ride a bike for exercise, it may set you up for chronic issues. By devoting anywhere between 10-15 minutes a day to mobility and strengthening, you may be able to offset your rounded shoulders, tucked pelvis, weak core, tight hip flexors and more.

Now onto what’s coming to Sharp Coaching…

More videos and blog posts about what movements to do in those 10-15 minutes of mobility/core work!

New testing protocols and breaking down unique physiology for athletes.

Weekly yoga classes for current athletes. These classes are structured to address these cycling imbalances, plus they provide breath work you can apply to the bike when things get challenging. Interested in joining and not already a client? Contact me and we can work out the details and set up access.

In addition to yoga classes, I’ll apply what I learn in my pilates teacher training into the mix. (Yes! Pilates teacher training starts up in April… I’M SO EXCITED!!!)

Hope all is well in your neck in the woods. Drop a line and say hi – Ben and I would love to hear what you’re up to!

Published by jensharp13

I am a Boulder, Colorado based cycling coach that focuses on the whole athlete and the balance needed in order to perform at your best.

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