Stepping Into the Unknown

Working from home and being self motivated isn’t new to me. I’ve been self-employed for over 10 years and really enjoy working at my own pace. Yet lately, it seems like there are so many distractions that I find it hard to focus. It’s hard to not check the latest on the virus, to seeContinue reading “Stepping Into the Unknown”

Constructive Media Plea

Do you ever wake up early in the morning, thinking about all of the amazing, thought provoking things that you want to share with the world only to fall back to sleep and then POOF! They’re gone? Me neither! Ha! I tease. I thought of some responses to what we’re dealing with right now. SomeContinue reading “Constructive Media Plea”

Staying Sane

My mom’s side of the family is from the Hawaiian Islands and I grew up on the mainland, in Eugene, Oregon. I LOVED visiting my grandmother – she was a Kama’aina and lived in Nu’uanu, about 10 minutes from downtown Honolulu. If you’ve ever watched Magnum, p.i. and remember the intro scene with the redContinue reading “Staying Sane”

And the strange get stranger

In addition to the pandemic we all face from COVID19, we also face some serious mental health issues. Hoarding, obsessing, denial, the list is long right now. Even several people in my cycling community are not taking the social distancing seriously. They’re riding 8-20 in a pack of people, under the presumption that they’re outsideContinue reading “And the strange get stranger”

Shed Those Extra Holiday Pounds

The holidays are here and so are those pesky extra pounds that sneak up and grab hold, not wanting to let go. We try to limit our caloric intake and try in vein to avoid eggnogs, sweets, calorie dense meals but it’s impossible. And when you’re celebrating togetherness with friends and family and sharing mealsContinue reading “Shed Those Extra Holiday Pounds”

Continuing Education

Spent 8 hours in the conference room today at USA Cycling at the Level 1 Coaching Clinic in Colorado Springs. Lots of amazing content on different aspects of professional coaching including: what is coaching? Thinking critically, sports psychology considerations, applying science and group collaboration. One nugget of wisdom that stayed with me – because coachingContinue reading “Continuing Education”

“Those bizzos are in trouble.”

After spending close to five hours with Colby Pearce and doing a thorough bike fit, he changed my saddle height and had me tilt my pelvis forward. I could tell immediately I was in a power position. I was no longer compromising comfort for power. I was finally comfortable in a power position. Bike fitsContinue reading ““Those bizzos are in trouble.””