Staying Sane

My mom’s side of the family is from the Hawaiian Islands and I grew up on the mainland, in Eugene, Oregon. I LOVED visiting my grandmother – she was a Kama’aina and lived in Nu’uanu, about 10 minutes from downtown Honolulu. If you’ve ever watched Magnum, p.i. and remember the intro scene with the red Ferrari driving up a beautiful road – that was the road my grandmother lived on.

Anyway, as a kid we would take trips to visit with my grandmother for months at a time and we’d inevitably get bored. Although she lived in Hawaii, her house was smack in the middle of a rain forest and it was always damp and wet. Sure we’d get to go the beach everyday but what about the other hours of the day? Cleverly, my Gammy took us down to Liberty Center and introduced me to the ukulele. Let’s be clear – no one in my family has an ounce of music history in their background, or at least that I know of. Yet I was determined and shy to play it so once I got home with my new prized possession, I climbed up on the rock wall that faces the street and started strumming it constantly. Bruce Springsteen,  It brought a sense of joy and comfort and after a 25 year hiatus, it’s time to dust that little instrument off and start playing it again.

My goal: Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

It’s going to be pretty ugly at first, but with practice it’ll get better. Maybe I’ll get brave enough to share my journey. 🙂

Published by jensharp13

I am a Boulder, Colorado based cycling coach that focuses on the whole athlete and the balance needed in order to perform at your best.

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