The Routine These Days

If it weren’t for my regularly scheduled Monday and Tuesday meetups, I’m sure the days would blend together and I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

Wake up, check the news. See what’s new and hopefully not too depressing. This morning I read a headline that said although we’re getting bored by sheltering in place, it also could mean a huge surge in creativity and problem solving. A glimmer of hope, I say! Otherwise, headline after headline about the dire straights humanity is in right now.

Get up, do my core while listening to an informative podcast. I usually listen to CNN’s  – and today focused on the mental health of those on the front line. My heart goes out to all of those essential workers who are bravely helping the sick.

Feed the pup and get some coffee on. I gave up drinking java for 10 years. Ten years! I have a sensitivity to caffeine and since Ben doesn’t drink it and the sun actually shines 300 days a year in Colorado, it was easy to forgo. During my mom’s most recent visit (from Seattle in early March, while shit was hitting the fan), she left a bag of ground beans and my first sip of a hot brewed cup of joe has me back on the beans again. I GOT SO MUCH DONE, at first. Now, I just like the taste again. And maybe the comfort of having a morning ritual.

Cook breakfast. I really like egg scrambles with as many veggies as you can muster. We sit down to eat and when I’m nearly done, Mochi starts letting me know that THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE DAY IS HERE: her morning walk. Sometimes Ben joins, sometimes not. We have this big open space adjacent to our house that takes about 20-25 minutes to walk to the end and back. Mochi loves it. And I love making that little pup happy.

Come home, start working. Work for me these days consists of checking in on athletes that I coach and building their training as well as create online content in the form of blogging and yoga videos. I try and stay away from the headlines and news stories – reading them in the morning and limiting it to just then seems to help me mentally.

At some point during the day, I practice the ukulele and this brings me a lot of joy. I’m almost ready to play in front of people AND sing. Coming from this shy girl, I can’t believe it!

I also dream of what’s for dinner and figure out what veggies are about to turn in order to not waste any food. Tonights pick: leftovers.

Yep, it is boring. And I feel a big surge of creativity coming…. may you capture and capitalize on that spark when it hits!

Published by jensharp13

I am a Boulder, Colorado based cycling coach that focuses on the whole athlete and the balance needed in order to perform at your best.

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